Start your new project with some fresh, hand-drawn sketches. Concept sketches are fun, fast, dynamic and a great tool to visualize and develop your ideas.

Exhibition Design and Architecture is where I come from and where I discovered the power of sketching. Unlike slick renderings, sketches leave space for the imagination. Start to use sketches when it’s time to promote a new idea to colleagues or introduce a new concept to your client.

Sometimes you need more than words to explain the use of your product or how people can experience the space you designed. I create storyboards that narrate your user journey, navigate your digital interface or illustrate your product manual.

Turn your workshop or talk in a memorable experience with live sketching. While you speak I record your ideas and topics and turn them into engaging graphics.
Graphic recording is fun to watch, involves your audience and creates a perfect, visual summary of your event.


My name is Vanessa Ewert, I live in Berlin and I love to sketch exhibition, event and interior design concepts. Wherever I go I take my favorite pen, a deep black, super thin fineliner and some white paper.

When I´m not sketching I create and produce cultural and educational exhibitions and brand architecture. (Find out more)